Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Robbie had to get an EKG today. I was kinda worried when I heard about this but I guess since his dad has had a heart attack and heart failure, they just want to see how he's doing. I'm glad they are taking precautions to monitor him. It actully makes me feel better but he's only 9!! I thought this was a cute picture of him... he's so brave :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Human Slingshot

Ok so a while back I went down to Provo to hang out with Lenzie, and we decided to go hang out with Lenzie's friends. We drove down through springville and into a canyon where there are million dollar houses to meet up with them. They said they were at his uncles house and we needed to come check out this human slingshot... It sounds crazy I know. So we get there and we hear screaming... I was totally freaked out to go on it but I knew it would regret it if i didn't go! Here are some pics of me. They hook you up to a fourwheeler and drive in the opposite direction as far as possible and let go. It was so much fun!!

It was on Nitro Circus (a show where famous riders do crazy stuff) and I was so excited I did something they had done. Apparently they were there just the night before... AMAZING