Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Family

Okay so since I don't really have anything to blog about, I thought I'd tell you about my family! It gets a little complicated so hopefully you can keep up :)

This is my parents (Kirk and Shari) and Kayla! My parents were married August 17, 1985 in the Provo temple. My dad owns his own business doing financial planning, investment real estate, and many other things I don't really know about. He loves that he can work from home and be around more to work around his children's busy schedules! My dad has always supported me in my decisions and has always been my number 1 fan. My mom teaches at Riverside Community College in the Early Childhood Studies department, and is the department chair along with being a full time faculty member. She has taught almost every grade! (I think there is like 3 or 4 that she hasn't) My mom and I have been best friends since before I can remember, I don't know what it is but there is something about when you are around her that makes you just want to be a better person. Some people think we look a lot alike and others not so much. What do you think? Both of my parents are extreme workaholics but they both LOVE what they do and I don't think they would change it if they could... maybe the pay but I bet that's it :) I admire them both in different ways and they have been such a great example to me. Sooooo... things didn't quite work out for the two of them but I got new family members out of it that I wouldn't trade for anything!

Kayla and I are 2 years apart and have always been really close. We've never really been separated for too long and so we have always had each other to depend on. Kayla is a very outgoing, well-rounded, loving person who likes to be the center of attention. hahaha I wouldn't say that except she is majoring in theater so you know what I mean! Possibly teaching too so after her time in the movies she can be a theater teacher somewhere :) I look up to her for many different reasons.
My Dad and Deena were married April 7,1995 in the San Diego temple, and made a little family of their own! Deena has a wonderful bubbly, loving, and thoughtful kind of personality. She helps my dad with his business (I'm sure he couldn't do it without her) and she home schools my little sister in the midst of everything else going on in her life! She is a really good mother. Kiara is 12 now and is really turning out to be a cool little girl haha. When she came along I think I was pretty jealous cause I'd been the baby for so long! There is 7 years between us and that gap seems to get smaller each time I talk to her. Kallie is 3 now and is a little ball of energy! I've never met a little kid that never stops. Literally NEVER! Maybe when she is asleep... We had the privilege to adopt Kallie the second she was born in the American Fork hospital. My parents were actually in the delivery room anxiously awaiting her arrival! Kallie's ethnicity is from Puerto Rica and India.

My Mom and David were married on December 26, 1997 but he really has been part of our family since about 1995 I think. David has been a security guard, then a truck driver, then a dad :) Some people might think he's kind of intimidating but he really is a sweet guy underneath the cop attitude! haha David and I have gotten along from the beginning and I'm so glad it's only getting better. David has a heart condition that causes him to need a difibrillator, which I think is kinda cool. Scary but cool. David is very into Nascar and anything really to do with cars and motorcycles. He fixes everything and is amazingly precise at whatever he is doing. He's always been into adventures and I absolutely love him for it!

Robbie is 8 and is the perfect little brother! We are 11 years apart but I feel pretty close to him and love every inch of him! Robbie loves anything that has to do with a TV (movies, cable, playstation, wii, PSP, anything!) Before he could form big sentences he could put a movie in and push play. He's actually quite good with what he enjoys. Robbie plays baseball, which he claims to dislike until he's on the field. He is in scouts and has the most badges in his pack... I think that's what its called. He loves school, and is starting to love swimming since we got a pool and is getting quite good!

Well I think I've bragged about my family enough but they are mine and I love each of them! My family is a little confusing but that's what makes us unique!
"The family is one of nature's masterpieces." ~George Santayana

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The New Blog

Ok so I decided to try out this whole blog thing and we will see how it goes... It's a lot more confusing then I thought haha. I had to call my 12 year old little sister to help me! I've never felt to technologically challenged! It's a new weird feeling to have. Now I know how my parents feel :)