Friday, April 24, 2009


Engagement Pictures.
So yesterday Katie and Alex took some pictures of us up the Canyon. THANKS! I really love it up there! It's gorgeous!! Landon HATES taking pictures. I know, I know, hate is a strong word but it fits perfectly. Loathe might actually be better. Nevertheless we got through it and got some great shots!

Here are a few that are our favorites so far...Katie and Alex are amazing I must add.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Lately I've realized that I have some sort of important dates coming up and it's stressing me out. Hopefully after these two weeks things will calm down and come together.

April 21- Last day of Anatomy, Anatomy Lab test, Microbiology presentation on Shingles
April 22- My CNA written exam
April 23- Last day of Micro, Micro Final
April 24- Anatomy Final, Drive to California
April 25- Wedding dress shopping and testing out caterers
April 27- Dentist appointment, Medical Terminology Final
April 28- Get my wisdom teeth taken out
May 1- Pap smear... agggggghh
May 3- Fly back from California
May 4- Semester starts. I'm taking physiology and Nutrition
May 12- My CNA skills test

August 14 is 3 months 3 weeks 3 days 12 hours 14 min and 8 sec away :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend was so fun! Very family-oriented :) It also made me miss Landon a lot... GOOD NEWS: Landon comes home Wednesday!!!! Probably the best birthday present I'll get! YAY! Ok back to Easter... Saturday morning we went to the Bluebell park and went to an easter egg hunt that was put on by the Bluebell Store. It was pretty fun but cold! Bishop Miles so kindly reminded me that they don't have my age bracket but I could probably fit in with the 12 year olds. Hopefully this will change soon because I really wish I can just look my age!! lol I guess later on in life it won't be a bad thing :) After that we came to Brandi's and dyed eggs and talked. Heather, Shanelle and I went on a mile run. Heather inspired us so we went along with her in the rain! I want to try and run 3 times a week at least! Then I went to the Nelsons and played games and got an easter basket :) thanks!! I left and went to Ramona's where we ate dinner and played more cards :) Sunday was stake conference and EASTER! The easter bunny left a surprise in my account which was nice :) thanks!! We went to Ramona's again to eat and play cards. Ryan and I killed Brandi and Shanelle in Hand and Foot. Then I went back to the Nelson's. They had a fire pit at "the flats" and roasted mallows. I ended up staying there until 1 in the morning talking with my soon to be in laws! haha It was a good talk... Easter was so fun and I'm so glad that the Savior died for us so that we can repent for our sins and return to be with Him one day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Park City

Saturday I went snowboarding with Aubree at Park City. I've never been because it is too expensive and too far away. Aubree schemed free passes and invited me. I love snowboarding with her. We are a good match. It was sooooooo much thereI wish I could've gone more this winter... and with Landon a little more. Oh well there is always next winter :) I was a little concerned about how sore I was going to be after. I usually am in a lot of pain in my quads, triceps, and butt. Mostly injuries from falling haha. Well it turns out it really wasn't too bad! I'm hardly sore anymore! YAY! Here are some pictures we took.